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Auto parts business
AutoMobile Parts

NHK Sales – the sole trading company in the NHK Group – offers a wide line-up of leaf springs and other aftermarket products. We work with trusted manufacturers to develop high-quality appropriately priced products that undergo a stringent process of evaluation and checking by our Technical Division and Quality Assurance Division. These items are provided through our national network.



NHK Sales carries a diverse range of high-quality springs from the world’s top spring manufacturer, NHK Spring, and supports the maintenance industry through rapid delivery.



We support safe and secure driving with our JIS-compliant tire chains.
The reliable high quality of these products has led to their use by automobile manufacturers as their official tire chains.
We carry chains for a wide range of tire sizes from trucks to passenger vehicles.



GREEN is NHK Sales’ select line of in-house products.
We stand confidently behind these products, which are made with care by select manufacturers using quality materials.

Small Auto Parts

Auto Parts for Passengers Cars

These auto parts are used to bring out optimal vehicle performance.

Large Auto Parts

Auto Parts for Bus and Truck

We offer a range of products that provide safety and security to the transport industry in its role as the lifeline of the Japanese economy.

Reconditioned Parts

Reconditioned Parts

These environmentally friendly products contribute to effective resource recycling.

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