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Industrial Infrastructure business

Industrial Infrastructure business

Industrial infrastructure business

As the trading company of the NHK Group, which contributes to the development of a variety of industries, NHK Sales provides reliable products and services to meet the constantly changing and diverse needs of the market. Information and cutting-edge technologies along with products and systems developed through collaboration with our many business partners from a wide range of industries (including communications, medicine, information, the environment, machinery and processing) are combined with high value-added proposal-based sales.

  • Communications


    NHK Sales carries optical fiber assemblies and fiber material-related components used primarily in digital communications.

  • POF processing devices

    These devices allow quick and simple POF (plastic optical fiber) end-face processing without special training. Separate optional attachments enable use with various ferule and connector shapes. Supported materials: brass, resin, plastic optical fiber (with CE mark approval).

  • Medical


    NHK Sales uses QCD (quality, cost, delivery) techniques developed in the automotive industry to meet the stringent precision and quality requirements of parts used in medical devices.

  • Energy-saving devices

    Energy-saving devices

    NHK Sales supplies LED lighting and offers energy-saving solutions designed to reduce costs based on ROI simulations.

  • Testing and measurement devices

    Testing and measurement devices

    NHK Sales provides precision measurement devices that contribute to product quality, safety, reliability and brand strength improvement.

  • Industrial equipment

    Industrial equipment

    NHK Sales provides production and processing systems for use at manufacturing sites along with tools, devices, control conveyors and other equipment to support them.