Precision parts business

Precision parts business

Precision Parts Business

NHK Sales uses its network of NHK Group affiliates and quality manufacturers in individual processing fields to supply precision equipment parts to growth fields such as the automotive industry. We coordinate our technologies and our Technical Division with those of partner manufacturers to ensure high product quality backed by a robust inspection and assurance system, and provide services making full use of our position as a trading company.

  • Spring


    Springs are mechanical elements that leverage the resilience of elastic bodies to store energy. They are a flagship product of the NHK Group, and have a wide range of shapes and uses.

  • Spring function parts

    Spring function parts

    These products incorporate springs tailored to a variety of purposes, such as adjusting angles, conveying rotation and locking components in specific positions.

  • Cutting


    This processing method involves the use of cutting tools to shape workpieces. It is one of a number of essential metal processing methods in the manufacture of precision parts.

  • Heading and pressing

    Heading and pressing

    This processing method involves the use of metallic dies to mold metals into particular shapes. It allows continuous work, making it ideal for mass production.

  • Rolling


    This processing method involves the clamping and rotation of the target material along with the application of pressure for shaping. It is primarily used in the manufacture of fasteners.

  • Injection molding

    Injection molding

    This formation method for plastics and other materials involves the application of pressure to a softened material and injection into a mold for shaping.