Philosophy and Principles

Philosophy and Principles

We provide unique services as part of our commitment to meeting all customer needs.

We work with manufacturers in Japan and elsewhere based on superior technology, and strive to develop the expertise, quality and cost competitiveness required for the provision of products and services that will ensure worldwide customer satisfaction.

Our focus is on developing high-quality products.

We work to constantly improve our system for supplying quality products that customers can rely on. We are also upgrading and expanding our ISO 9001 quality management system.

Quality policy

Our aims are to accurately address the changing needs of the market on an ongoing basis and provide reliable products and services. This is part of our commitment to meeting the expectations of our customers and repaying the trust they have vested in us. Related efforts include:

  1. Taking on challenges through action rather than words.
  2. Improving quality through the contribution of each and every employee.
  3. Constantly implementing system improvements.

We support the conservation of the global environmental.

We promote environmentally friendly product development and environmental conservation activities based on ISO 14001 environmental management systems.

Environmental policy

NHK Sales seeks to address environmental issues such as global climate change as part of its corporate social responsibility and strives to contribute to environmental conservation through its business activities.

  1. We obey all environmental laws and all agreements to which the company is a signatory.
  2. We do our utmost to eliminate waste in all aspects of business by conserving energy and resources.
  3. We advocate the use and market deployment of environmentally friendly products.
    (1)We promote the market deployment of products that contribute to environmental conservation.
    (2)We support green procurement.
  4. We strive to participate in societal activities that contribute to environmental conservation.
  5. We make ongoing improvements to our environmental management systems in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility.